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Lifescaped undertakes science and art related to bio-inspiration – the human use of technology, behaviour and design found in nature. It is the lab and studio of the scientist and artist Professor Andrew Parker, and was launched by King Charles III in 2015. Lifescaped is the home of Pure Structural Colour, the world's brightest colour and has implications for sustainability.

To see details of our "Consciousness" exhibition at the Sage Culture Gallery, Los Angeles, 2023, click here: Click here to read more about our work with Pure Structural Colour at Click here to see the virtual launch of the exhibition on Pure Structural Colour at Kew Gardens, London.

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This globe pinpoints some case studies of Lifescaped’s scientific research in bio-inspiration.

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Nike is a licensee of Lifescaped’s colour technology.

Green bird

Lifescaped's product categories

Lifescaped’s scientific projects fall into the categories of: (i) performance (or function), (ii) aesthetic and/or (iii) environmentally supportive. The videos here explain our work in each category.


Andrew produces abstract artworks using Pure Structural Colour. He also produces watercolour/gouache and oil/acrylic paintings, and glass/light sculptures, that capture characteristics of Pure Structural Colour. Patterns and forms incorporated in Andrew’s artworks take inspiration from patterns, developmental processes and evolutionary events in nature. Andrew is represented in USA by Sage Culture.

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Lifescaped develops courses for schools and universities on bio-inspiration. This includes school courses for different ages and university courses in both science and business/humanities.

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Pure Colour Studio

Pure Colour Studio is the design arm of Lifescaped. We start from the science of nature and produce designs for the human senses. The end result is an evolved (optimized) visual effect or pattern that is stylized and adapted for commercial products.

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Blue Jellyfish (Cyanea lamarckii)

“ I feel that biomimetics is a far better solution in terms of sustainability and integration with Nature than relying on transgenic technologies, which can have real potential complications. Nature has the best answers, without waste. ”
King Charles III King Charles III


Andrew Parker’s TEDx talk at the Sydney Opera House, 2013.